Dienstag, 7. September 2010

Tour L'Avenir

On last Saturday starts in France the Tour d'Avenir. For Riders not older than 23 years, so it's the important race for the young Champions. A lot of Cyclingheros are spot at this race and get professional Contract after the Race. Formed in 1961 was the Race at the beginning a "Tour de France for Amateurs". This Year they have to Ride 1013 kilometers. Take a look there: www.letour.fr, you can see the full Parcours and the Results of the Day.
On Saturday the Tour of Britain starts in Rochdale in the North of England. Finished is the 18th september in the Heart of London. It's a nice race this Year. Crossing Wales and the Black Mountains at Monday, and finished in the very famous Region and Town from Glastonbury in Somerset at Wednesday. More Informations www.tourofbritain.co.uk
My planning to visit the Tour Down under is going on. When everybody have Ideas, Tipps or something else for me, please write me an mail. I'm searching for Cyclingclubs, Bars, Riders, Supporters, or ather things, they have to do with Cycling. Hope to write nice Articles then!

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