Donnerstag, 5. August 2010

Charity Classic and More

Yesterday i take a nice Ride. The Sun was shining and my Condition was good. :-) Si i find a nice Route near from my new Domicile in Brugg. Its only a small Route, a "After-Work-Route. But there was a Hill (For me it was a Mountain...i was born in Hamburg, so the highest "mountain" are there with 50 Meters or so...So., for me its more than a Hill!). With 14% its going up...very steel for me. But down from the Hill was a very funny aventure. The first Time that i ride with more than 70 kilometers!!! It's amazing! What a pity, that i must ride up, before i can have this experiance....

For all Riders in Southgermay or Switzerland: On Saturday, 8th August, Markus Zberg, the Ex-Professional Rider from Gerolsteiner/BMC organised a Charity Bike Race in Thun. It's a very nice Idea and everybody can change between three Routes. The Weather will be very good on Saturday, so it will be for all a nice Day. More Informations: