Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

Back to Work

Andy and me :-) Pleas find me...

The first days home...after four weeks on the Road, sleeping in a Tent, it is not so easy going back on the Home-Office-Place und start to work. And i don't like it in the Moment. I'm lucky, that its raining, so it makes all a little bit easier. The last Rain, really heavy Rain, had we at the Tourmalet after the Singing-Evening.

On saturday our Milram-Boys starts at the Clasica San Sabastian in the North of Spain. It's an One-Day-Race, founded in 1981. Johannes Fröhlinger and four other Riders from the Milram-Tour-team will go the Race. Today i take a look for the last races in this Year. Find the Vuelta_Page and take my adress and so on there. Perhaps i will go somne days to Spain for the race. But i don't know yet.

At the Tour de France i had make near by 5000 Pictures this year. Thats a lot and i have all arranged it. But there a some very good Pictures. My favorite is this from Andy and me :-)

Take a look in the Blog the next days. i will write more. Not every day, but i try tro write some Times in the Week. Really :-)