Montag, 26. Juli 2010

The first in English

The last Night at the Tour de France. Pat, I, Monica, JEAN-CLAUDE (with the Flag), David and Steven.

I'M back in Zürich...What a really wonderful Tour de France. It was the best, i ever had. The Race from Andy Schleck and Alberto Contador was great, and in the Final it was so heavy. I crossed my Fingers for Andy, but it does'nt work. What a pity!
The Start in Rotterdam was fantastic and i send a very pretty "Hello" to Alex and his Family from South Africa. I meet them ther on the Camsite for the first Time, and then later in Arenberg. Even Tom and Nina, there a coming from a Worldtrip with the Motorbike and must go home. After long Years back to Zivilisation. Our camp at the Tourmalet is nothing about that. And i have problems after thes four Weeks...
Hope you arrived safetly. was really nice to meet you and i hope i see you in Switzerland! Even Alex from South Adfrica. Hope, that you coming next Year back with your Parents. I think that you like the Guys from Australia/Belgium :-)
In Revel I meet Steven (Australia), Sean (England) and Pat (Australia) I don't remember where or why we talking together, but we standing in front of the big Screen an talking. So, we all hav'nt a Campingplace and Steven said, that he had built his Tent on the Camping-Car-Area. I had make the same and in the Evening we all going to Revel to celebrate the Tour de France!
What a f******** wonderful pretty evening.
We meet again at the Tourmalet and even the belgish couple (Hello to Jaan and Magda!! and to Monica and David, two more Australien!)) ist going there. A lot of crazy lovely belgish Guys are even there and we camped together three oder four nights. Without Electricity, without Water, without Toilets. Giong together to the Tourmalet Stages, Eating. Drinking, Dancing, Singing, Restday-Activities. All. A lot og crazy peoples from all over the Worls celebrated the Tour de France (Andy Andy Andy Andy Schleeeeeckkkkkk!!). Friendly. With so many laughing.
After one Day at the campsite, the Way got to Bordeaux and the Time-Trail-Route. We find a nice place near by Winefields. And it was the best Thing, what we could do! The Owner of the Field lived near by, Jean-Claude...(Theres only ooooonnneee Jean-Claude!). he gave us all. A few bottles of Wine, Electricity, fresh Water, and basques Music (!!!). With Stevens Words "It was epic...". Yes, it was.
It was really...
On the Time-Trail, we gave all to the Riders. To every Rider. And last but not least, to every Policeman. I think they will don't forget this Stage, the Guys in Blue :-)
After the Stage we must say Good-Bye :-( Sad time...
It was a very amazing and epic ( :-) ) Time. In this large World to meet is a really big Present!
Thank you very much guys! For all. We're looking for each other and help with all things.
Auussssiiieee, Ausssssiiiieee, Ausssssiiiieeee!!! oioioi Aussssssiiieee! oi Ausssssiiieee oi!